About Me

As I sift between 25 and 30, I’m realizing how beautifully shitty life can be.

I’ve been a mother since I was twenty years old.

I grew up an army brat and went on to serve in the Navy at 18.

Aside from being a sailor, I’ve been a flirtatious skater at Sonic, an aggravating telemarketer, a 911 operator, an Uber & Lyft driver, and a member of a non-profit.

Let’s get personal!

I’ve been a home wrecker once. Almost married a narcissist once. Contemplated aborting a baby twice and went through with it once.

I know what it feels like to love someone. And not that infatuated type of love, but that “love is the only thing keeping us together” type of love.

I know what it feels like to feel stupid.

I know heartbreak, I know the eat-less, sleepless, tears in the night, it hurts so bad I can physically feel it – You know– The “I was thinking of you as I wrote this” kind of heartbreak.

I’ve been to four different universities, finally graduating non-cum laude from Georgia State.

I’ve lived in five different states, deployed twice for this country and won 2nd place in a district spelling bee in 7th grade.

My uncle was so proud of me for accurately spelling ‘psychedelic’.

I’m a contributing member of a bat-shit crazy family and I own every bit of it.

I like girl time, bike rides on the beach, cannabis and twerking.

I’m building a personal bond with my body, mind and spirit.

Though I don’t refute the history,  I’m not a follower of Islam, Christianity or any other form of religion.

I am not a believer in the American Dream or anything else that I consider to be conformist ideologies.

I’m more concerned with advancing my knowledge of self.  

I have a deep admiration for those who have mastered the art of accepting their own skin and I’m on my own journey to do the same.

Here, you will find many writings on my views, expressions and opinions on life and the world we live in.

I hope that you can find something to connect with.

WELCOME to my little nook of the internet.